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Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc.


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Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Dual-Aire has always been known for custom residential retrofits but we offer more than that.

Service - Our Technicians provide quality service on all brands of equipment.

Installation - We pride ourselves on "figuring out" what others say can't be done.

Maintenance - We offer a yearly service plan that includes 2 trips (once in the spring and once in the fall). Maintaining your heater and air conditioner is important. A clean unit means less "break downs" and saves money on your utilities.

Sales - We believe in an honest low pressure approach. Now that you've had a good laugh let us explain. First off, most companies want to sell whats best for their pockets not whats best for you. Our salesmen will discuss your unique situation and offer his/her best advice on what is right for you. Secondly, the price we give you won't mysteriously change when we are done. If our salesmen miss something or fail to inform you of extra costs then it's on them. Last but not least "High Pessure". We hate being pushed into spending money so we won't do that to you.

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Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc.


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