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Important Facts

Comfort Needs' Facts and Tips!

Bigger is best...right????
NO! Not at all in the heating and air conditioning business! In fact, getting the LARGEST air conditioner or furnace CAN be one of the most detrimental things you can do when buying comfort equipment for your home or even office!  Here is the explanation:

  • An air conditioner or furnace needs to run often enough to remove the humidity and heat the rooms properly.
  • When you buy one that is over sized, it doesn't run as often.  One result - is increased humidity.
  • Another result is that the items in the room do not warm up themselves.  For example, in winter, the furnace must run often and long enough to warm up your furniture and carpets otherwise you will be sitting on cold furniture and walking on cold carpets, etc.
  • Not only that, the settings on the thermostat must be adjusted to compensate for the oversized equipment.

BEST type of furnace:

Oklahoma trivia fact:  the average winter temperature is 45 degrees!

What about this red Oklahoma soil, I know what it does to my hands (practically takes the skin off) - what does it do to my system??
The soil in Oklahoma is (you guessed it!) VERY corrosive.  Any duct work in the ground WILL rust out.  The result...gaps, holes, or leaks in your ducts.

What is so bad about leaks or holes in my ducts? Doesn't seem like such a big deal to me!
On the contrary, holes in your ducts or leaks can make a NEGATIVE pressure area in your house. That is, the system equipment will not be putting air into the house, but actually sucking the air OUT of your house.

We have video TV cameras that can find out if you have leaks in your ducts.   We actually inspect and VIEW the duct conditions themselves and can provide you with a video of your ducts so you TOO can see what is going on under your house or above your head.

What about all these high winds in Oklahoma? Do they do anything to my inside air quality and comfort?
Yes, they do effect the INFILTRATION of particles into your house. For more about particles that can be found in your home, ask us.

Another Oklahoma trivia fact:  hot out?! You bet!  But did you know that we actually have only a SMALL number of days over 100 degrees?

We know Oklahoma. We at Dual-Aire, KNOW the Oklahoma climate, the Oklahoma way of life, and the comfort needs and problems most usually found in homes here. We can meet your comfort and air quality needs in both a professional and timely manner.

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